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Long-Term Rentals

During the low- and shoulder season we offer long term rentals, especially geared towards retirees from the prairie provinces and further east. The winter months in Penticton are relatively warm compared to the rest of Canada with an average of 0C to -1C during January. Of course we have an occasional cold spell when temperatures will reach -10 to -15C for a week to 10 days.

A lot of retirees have enjoyed eachothers company over the years, became friends and made a yearly tradition to return to the Beachide Motel for the wintermonths.

Penticton has a lot to offer to retirees from out of province. From bingo and the casino to bowling and curling. And of course don't forget the Legion and Senior Drop-in Centre for activities or just to have a cup of coffee.

As you can see you don't have to go south to enjoy the winter!

Why don't you e-mail or give us a call and book your suite for the coming winter.